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Clinical trials correspondence
Clinical trials documentation: informed consent documents, investigators’ brochures, protocols
Discharge summaries (cardiology, oncology, paediatrics, general medicine)
Operation summaries
Reports from ultrasound, CT and MRI scans
Blood test and other lab reports
Mammography reports
Summaries of product characteristics, patient information leafletsIMG_9861
Tablet apps to operate medical devices
Quick reference guides and consensus-based comprehensive guidelines (diagnosis and treatment) about various conditions, aimed at physicians
Evidence-based opinions on requests for drug approval
Correspondence, reports and marketing materials for e-health/telemedicine projects
Medical opinions on legal and insurance cases
Journal articles (urology, cardiology, pain management)
Serious adverse event reports
Administrative aspects of medicine/healthcare; e.g. strategic planning reports for cancer care in France
Care quality reports
Marketing materials for pharmaceutical companies
Medical device user manuals, aimed at patients
Occupational health reports (relating to individuals and organisations)
Medical education materials


Reports into violations of human rights and international law in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC/MONUSCO)
Development economics articles (including the economic impact of corruption in less-developed countries)
Reports on contraception services in less-developed countries (UNFPA)
Logistics of health-related development projects
Reports to donors – analysis of outcomes achieved through development funding, for projects in health and other fields